Welcome to the Earth and Space Foundation

polar climb

‘The Earth as an oasis, cared for by a space-faring civilization’. This was how we chose to express our vision in our mission statement.

When we set up the Foundation in 1994 it was set up with a simple philosophy – the exploration of space and the preservation and study of the Earth were not two exclusive goals. Space exploration is not a waste of money, distracting us from solving problems here at home, and environmentalists are not introspective, distracting from more expansive visions of exploring the new frontier of space. Instead, the two goals can help each another in very practical ways. As you’ll find throughout our web site there are countless examples of work creating connections between Earth and space exploration. The Foundation has helped fund over 60 field projects since it was established; all of them with a different focus.

Our long-term vision for the continuity of the Foundation is expressed in our long-term awards for Martian exploration. Our annual Earth and Space awards are the method we use to contribute to real advances now. Eventually we plan to launch further programs in education and exploration to further the mutually beneficial alliance between environmentalism and space exploration. If you’d like to know more about our programs please read the article published in the peer-reviewed journal ‘Space Policy’.

Our most solid contribution is that by setting up the Earth and Space Awards we are able to actively support projects that further the link between environmentalism and space exploration. However, building them depends upon people like you. If you like what you see on our web site, we hope you’ll consider joining us and helping us fulfil our vision of ‘the Earth as an Oasis, cared for by a space-faring civilization’ by supporting innovative expeditions and fieldwork around the world.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site.

Charles Cockell
Chair, Earth and Space Foundation