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BP Conservation Program Awards
Grants for teams of individuals implementing high priority conservation projects.

British Mountaineering Council
Grants for a diversity of mountaineering expeditions.

Explorers Club of New York
The Explorer’s Club offers grants that cover a diversity of research areas from oceanography to conservation science. As well as supporting expeditions worldwide the Club is a focal point for many exploration activities in the US.

Ghar Parau Foundation
Provides annual grants to caving expeditions.

Mazamas Expedition Grants
“The goal of Mazamas expedition grants is to develop the physical and mental abilities of climbers through expedition training and to help spread the knowledge gained through these activities”.

Mountaineering Council of Scotland
The Council offers up to $2,000 each year to mountaineering expeditions

National Geographic Society
The National Geographical Society offers grants through its Expeditions and Research Committee to a diversity of expeditions each year.

Northern California DX Foundation
Provides financial support to individuals and groups using radio communications on expeditions.

Royal Geographical Society / Expeditions Advisory Center
The Royal Geographical Society supports or approves over 500 expeditions each year. It is the focus of geographical sciences and exploration in the UK. Through the Expeditions Advisory Centre the RGS also provides a focal point for adventure and academic expeditions leaving the UK.

Timmissartok Foundation
Grants to individuals with adventurous projects overseas.

Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
Each year the trust awards fellowships to 100 British citizens to carry out Travelling Fellowships overseas “to the benefit of country, community and international goodwill”. Different categories of Fellowship are awarded each year.