Supporting the Foundation

The Earth and Space Foundation supports important scientific research around the world. Expeditions we have supported have helped to protect rainforests, coral reefs, and other fragile natural resources. Other expeditions have studied life in extreme environments so we can better understand life on other worlds.

This work is vital to the dual challenges of preserving the Earth and exploring space. The Foundation is working toward a future in which the Earth remains an oasis in space tended to by space-faring society.

To reach this goal, we need your help. The Foundation is a private organization that receives no support from any governments. We rely entirely upon the generosity of individuals and corporate benefactors to continue the vital work that we have started.

The Foundation is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and a non-profit organization in the United States. Donations from residents of these nations can be tax deductible.

All contributions are placed into a UK-managed non-profit endowment fund, which supports our activities. In any given year 5% or less of income is spent on administration. The remainder directly supports Foundation activities as well as the growth of the endowment.

How You Can Help

Any amount, however small, is welcomed. There are several ways you can support the Foundation’s vital mission.

Make an Online Donation. You can contribute through PayPal. Their secure web site will allow you to make a contribution through credit cards or transferring funds from your bank account. Donate today to help us with our important mission.

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To become a benefactor, please contact us today at info@earthandspace.org

Set Up an Award in your Name: Individual or corporate benefactors can establish specific awards named in their honor. This is an excellent way to have one’s name attached to the contribution each year. The benefactor may define the terms of the award. Typically a $15,000 or £15,000 donation will generate a $1,000 or £1,000 award each year.

Benefactors might also consider making a named contribution to the Foundation’s long-term Mars and Lunar Exploration Awards, which will honour future human exploration of the Red Planet. This is maintained as a separate endowment fund.

To establish an award in your name, contact us today at info@earthandspace.org. All discussions with potential donors are kept in the strictest confidence.