Lunar Circumnavigation Award

First Offered : 1994 – Status : Unclaimed

The Goal

Become the first expedition team to complete a successful, unsupported overland circumnavigation of the lunar surface.

The attempt on the trough of the Valles Marineris must begin from the top of the canyon. No technological support, other than that required for life support and basic mountaineering, should be used.

The Moon

The lunar environment is extreme. With no atmosphere the team will be exposed to solar particle events that could literally fry them. Intense ultraviolet radiation will degrade materials. Temperatures could range from minus 170 to plus 110 degrees centigrade depending on whether they are in light or dark. They will be completely dependent on life support systems to survive.

The total distance of a Trans-Lunar expedition is approximately 11,000 kilometres and could take weeks depending on troubles encountered crossing craters. The team may also have to endure periods of complete darkness and periods of complete light as the lunar day is just over 27 days long. They could choose to follow the sunlight around the lunar surface.

Claiming the Award

This award was first offered by the Foundation in 1994 and can be claimed by completing a circumnavigation of the lunar surface. Any route around the moon can be chosen, equatorial or polar.