Farewell! Departure for the Pole!


Farewell! Departure for the Pole!

Farewell! Departure for the Pole! was commissioned by the Foundation in 2000 and it was donated in January 2001. The painting depicts an expedition leaving for a transpolar assault on the Martian north geographical pole. The expedition is leaving just before sunrise to get a day’s traverse. Members of the temporary polar base camp at the edge of the polar cap wave goodbye to the expedition. In view are two of the skidoos and their cargos (there may be more to the right of the picture). Our imaginations are left to contemplate the scene in front of the expedition team – the vast expanse of the polar plateau.

This painting is a significant work as it was the first painting to be rendered by an artist of an overland expeditionary attempt on the Martian poles.

The painting first appeared in David Hardy’s book with Patrick Moore, ‘Futures : 50 years in space’ and it has appeared on the front cover of the American Astronautical Association’s Science and Technology Series Volume 107, ‘Martian Expedition Planning’.

Copyright status : David Hardy/Earth and Space Foundation

About the Artist

David A. Hardy is probably the longest-established, living space artist, with his first work being published in 1952. Hardy has worked on many books, covers, magazines, and on TV and films. He has written seven non-fiction books, and his first novel, Aurora, was published in September 2003. He produces both illustration (now working digitally on a Mac) and fine art.

In May 2004, he will publish a new art book with Patrick Moore titled Futures: 50 Years in Space (The Challenge of the Stars). This book covers the changes they have seen in astronomy and space exploration since their first collaboration in 1954. He has also worked with Arthur C. Clarke and Carl Sagan, among others.

Hardy is a Fellow and former President of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA). In March 2003 an asteroid, previously 1998 SB32, was named after him.

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