Expedition Marineris

Expedition Marineris - Descent into the Canyon

Expedition Marineris – Descent into the Canyon

In this work, we see an expedition team beginning the descent into the Martian canyon system, the Valles Marineris, the largest canyon in the Solar System. They will eventually descend five kilometers into a canyon that is over 3,000 kilometers long. Two of the explorers are at the edge of an outcrop and one is pointing. They stare into the canyon at the start of what will be a long expedition to study the geology of this magnificent feature. Behind them a third explorer catches up – maybe they have been collecting samples. Doubtless there are other members of this expedition that we cannot see. In the sky, the two moons of Mars are visible.

The Foundation has created the Valles Marineris Award to recognize the first team to accomplish an assault on the bottom of the enormous canyon.

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About the Artist

Andrew Cameron Stewartis a freelance artist with experience in general graphics and advertising, including posters, video covers, book covers and technical drawing. His particular skills and passion are in high-quality airbrush work.

When he starts a new painting, he sprays the canvas jet black and then draws the design of the painting in white with three or four different airbrushes. Next, he puts in the very bright colors, highlights and shadows. When satisfied, he finishes the work with a protective varnish giving the painting a matt finish.

He has had a lifelong interest in astronomy, fantasy and science fiction. He especially likes space art because it allows him to go anywhere in his mind, opening new doors to the visual imagination. Painting allows him to synthesize everything he knows from science nature.

Like many space artists, he was influenced as a teenager by the old master of space art, Chester Bonestell, the images that appeared in Astronomy magazine, and books such as Conquest of Space.

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