Art Collection

The Earth and Space Foundation has a collection of original paintings depicting pivotal moments in the history of Solar System expeditionary achievement. Many of these paintings were commissioned by the Foundation (although no Foundation funds were used to buy them). These paintings represent the way in which the same spirit that drives us to understand the Earth’s environment will one day drive us on extraterrestrial frontiers. The parallels between past epochs of Earth exploration and future space exploration are obvious to the viewer.

Several of the paintings portray future achievements which the Earth and Space Foundation will award through its Mars and Lunar Exploration Awards. The Foundation has established awards for the first teams to reach the Martian North and South poles, scale Mount Olympus, descend into Valles Marineris, and circumnavigate the Moon.

These paintings or funds for them are donated by Foundation benefactors and friends. If you are an artist interesting in donating works to this collection please contact us.

Exploration Gallery

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